Donald Byrant, President, KB4RRC

Attached are some pictures of My Adventure moving a repeater from South Spartanburg to The edge of the Mountains at 2850ft. The Repeater Cabinet contains  a 100w VHF (near 2m) repeater , wide spaced 8Mhz Split Duplexer and Battery backup.  The Tower has been primed and as you can see a 2 element DB222 was placed at the top of the tower.  I was able to key this from mile marker 95 just northwest of Columbia yesterday.

The Tryon Club repeater is a Vertex VX7000 (I think) with 4 duplexer cans, SCom controller, weather receiver and control radio.

The 10 meter Base is up for grabs and is in Spartanburg if anyone wants it. Just let Lloyd or I know and you can go get it. 350w 10m FM   1970s vintage Motorola Micor current tuned to 31.78 Mhz.

Have a Great weekend !!


Timmy on Tower
Tryon Club Repeater
Repeater Open
Repeater Completed
10 Meter Base
Base of tower

Adventures of the “President” FARC