Donald Bryant, KB4RRC, President
Russell Washburn, KC4WZL, Vice President
Dean Lisenby, KK4ZMK, Secretary/Treasurer
Donald Bryant, KB4RRC, Trustee of the W4ULH Repeater
Lloyd Mitchell, KO4L, Deputy/Assistant Trustee
Kelvin Chandler, WQ4C, Website Coordinator

“A Ham License is a license to learn!”

The club Constitution and Bylaws are available below in PDF format.

To join the Florence Amateur Radio Club fill out “Application For Membership”. Mail it to the address below or bring it to the next club meeting.

$20 New Membership
$36 Renewal Membership
$18 Additional Family Membership

Our club dues are as follows:

  1. Individual Returning Members: $36.00 annually
  2. Additional Family Members: $18.00 annually
  3. New Members: $20.00
    *See below for more club dues information.

If you would like to pay your dues online, you may click the PayPal button.

The club may be contacted via US mail or you may e-mail one of the officers by clicking one of the names above.

Florence Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 5062
Florence SC 29502

Dues Information
  1. Individual Returning Members: $36.00 annually.
    1. Dues are to be paid by January 31.
    2. A late payment fee of $5.00 will be added for dues paid in February.
    3. A $10.00 late payment fee will be added for dues paid in March.
    4. On April 1, the member will be removed from the roster and will be required to be voted back into the club.
    5. There will be no longer be a prorating of dues for early payment.
  1. Additional Family Members: $18.00 annually.
    1. After payment of $36.00 by one family member, dues for all additional family members will be $18.00.
    2. All other criteria outlined above are applicable.
  1. New Members: $20.00 first year membership only.
    1. First year dues for a new member will be $20.00.
    2. The dues for a new member will be prorated for the initial year after July 1 to $18.00.
    3. Dues will not be prorated on a monthly basis.
    4. Additional family members will be $18.00.
    5. Additional family members will be $5.00 after July 1.