Below is only a suggestion:
If you have any questions about a radio, please ask someone in the club.

Dual Mode: Anytone 868 or 878
Analog Single Mode: Yaesu FT-4XR or Yaesu FT-65R

There not a whole lot of difference for us locally between the three models.

The 878 supports analog APRS transmission but no receive…

Icom/Kenwood Dstar activity is limited without a hotspot and Yaesu Fusion does not exist around here except a hotspot.

Both can be pricey but are pretty well limited to the analog mode in our area..

The Club has secured its own DMR ID to use in temporary or tactical situations if need be..

3185206  W4ULH  Florence Amateur Radio Club

For those who have Anytones, there will a new contact list for you to update on your own with instructions...

Its not mandatory but it will have the latest USA Contacts  (92K now)

Dual Mode vs Single Mode Mobile Radios
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