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This week the State of South Carolina is in the midst of “Operation Vibrant Response” Emergency EXERCISE Its report that two WMD (or IED) devices have been detonated in the vicinity of I-26 and I-95….

Yesterday Auxcomm vetted Hams and Public Safety folks worked side by side to complete various task such as constructing repeaters, data links, telephone connections and making cables and the like. It was a great event.

SATURDAY is the open Ham and County participation in the event. I have been task by Emergency Management since We have the largest functioning regional organization to help organize our areas communications.

So here is pass #1 Subject to change but confidence is pretty high at the point on the scale:

AT 930 – All Hams Participating will need to Monitor 146.850 for last minute instructions and questions. We may and probably will call a checkin and confirm “assignment” location net at 945AM After that All stations Will need to switch over to their county assigned simplex frequency for self created “whose out there” localized nets at 10 AM. may even do this about every 30 minutes or so, OR if you see this and want to check in try calling your counties EOC – More on that below.

Don’t worry about a formal script at this point We are more interested in participation and check ins from Various Locations. The more the merrier !

Also We have some HF stations online to relay stuff where VHF wont cut it ! Possibly Florence to Horry Traffic..

The Following is what we have lined up so far:

Florence County – Frequency 146.850 Repeater and SIMPLEX 147.570 Mhz HF 3990.00 LSB
Dustin Failes KK4NFG Leader @ Florence County EOC
Dean Lisenby KK4ZMK Asst.
Donald Bryant KB4RRC Observer/ Tech Specialist/ Floater

Darlington County – Frequency 146.850 Repeater and SIMPLEX 147.585 Mhz HF 3990.00 LSB

Lloyd Mitchell KO4L
Mark Davis N4MXP ( I know you are Florence but you are close enough to help them)
Russell Wilson KK4MQN

Chesterfield County – Frequency 146.850 Repeater and SIMPLEX 147.420 HF 3990.00 LSB
Andy Jasiewicz. KD2LQA
Ben Conklin KB2KCO

Marion County – Frequency 146.850 Repeater and SIMPLEX 147.510 HF 3990.00 LSB
Russell Washburn KC4WZL
(Any Volunteers Contact me !) Buddy Joe Ill call you Wednesday

Dillon County – Frequency 146.850 Repeater and SIMPLEX 147.555 HF 3990.00 LSB
David McGolithan W4EPD most probably at Dillon County EOC
Sam Smith K4KNJ ( Sam— See if you can get your group to assist in Marion/Dillon)

Marlboro County Frequency 146.850 Repeater and SIMPLEX 147.525 HF 3990.00 LSB
Scott Thompson (maybe) KG4HIE — I will contact

Official HF Stations Bruce Brown WW4BT and Tommy Walker NG4S

Unless you are in a County that has a manned EOC – for now Dillon and Florence will be manned. One station in each county will be a virtual EOC – Andy J Chesterfield and Russell Washburn Marion EOC. Darlington guys can determine who will be the virtual EOC. As we were told yesterday use the tactical callsign such as “Chesterfield Virtual EOC” (unless it reopens) and ID only at the end of the transmission as the law required and every 10 minutes.

The official timing of this is 9am ish to 3PM.. I know we all have things to do on Saturdays. If you can help out some in the morning and just be kinda loose in the afternoon that would be great. The goal after 11 would be to have a station listening to 146.850 at least 1 from each county and take traffic as needed. When you get a request for information fake it that it sounds realistic. If they tell you they want to know how many people are at the Francis Marion Shelter give them a simulated number. 10 to 100 etc. PLEASE IF POSSIBLE CHECKIN at 945 and the County Simplex Channels. Also try your adjacent counties channel to see if you can check in.

If this thing goes as expected it should be a relative fun activity.

Folks Its short notice as Gabe Turner KK4EEZ from SCEMD ask me to get some folks involved. We are seeing a change in SC toward hams in their role to assist in Emergencies. GABE feel free to reply respond to the group with your comments and corrections !!

Open Ham Systems for the exercise:
Florence Ham Club Repeaters
147.000 Repeater (in ARES Plan for Marion County)
SC Heart Repeaters
SC DMR Repeaters

Repeaters not to be used in the exercise (Agreements not in place)
PALS Network -specifically mentioned by EMD
Other repeaters not listed in ARES Plan

Donald Comment: This is our opportunity to revitalize our role and mission to the emergency sector. Granted during the real event things may be different and most hams may be tied up with their situations. For this exercise , We can really look good and do a great job considering little or no training in this area. Its OK lets have fun and the significant mission Saturday which should be easily accomplished will be secondary to the fun! Its does not have to be perfect as that’s why its an exercise to see what We can and cant do! Look at the first foxhunt, the participants learned a lot and had fun. This is an opportunity to see how we can help out in disasterous times.


So with that any questions will be entertained preferably by email

Dont beat me up too much ! Its a lot to chew !


Thanks and 73,

Donald KB4RRC 843-615-0277

UPDATED 04/21/2021

Changes in Dillon and Marion County

Sam Smith K4KNJ  Will be the virtual EOC  and David McGolithan W4EPD will be a roamer in Dillon/Marion County (Dillon EOC not open )

John Richardson KE4SZT will be virtual EOC for Marion County and Russell Washburn KC3WZL will be a roamer in Marion /Florence County.

Anyone wanting to car roam and check into a EOC from your mobile station let me know….. 

As it stands subject to change:

Scott Thompson will be Virtual EOC in Marlboro County

Dustin Failes KK4NFG will be real EOC in Florence County.

Lloyd Mitchell KO4L will be virtual EOC in Darlington County 

Andy J KD2LQA will be virtual EOC in Chesterfield County

EMD Exercise – Sat 04/24/2021
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