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2022 ARRL Field Day

June 25 - June 26

June 25-26 10 AM – Until

West Florence Fire Department Annex Building
3379 Pine Needles Road
Florence, SC 29501 United States

2022 ARRL Field Day is June 25-26

Field Day is ham radio’s open house. Every June, more than 40,000 hams throughout North America set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio’s science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. It combines public service, emergency preparedness, community outreach, and technical skills all in a single event. Field Day has been an annual event since 1933, and remains the most popular event in ham radio.

  • Objective-

    To contact as many stations as possible on the 160, 80, 40, 20,15 and 10 Meter HF bands, as well as all bands 50 MHz and above, and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions.

    Field Day is open to all amateurs in the areas covered by the ARRL/RAC Field Organizations and countries within IARU Region 2. DX stations residing in other regions may be contacted for credit, but are not eligible to submit entries.

    Each claimed contact must include contemporaneous direct initiation by the operator on both sides of the contact. Initiation of a contact may be either locally or by remote.

For those interested in CW for field day, the below may be useful, from Lloyds input from the Wavetalkers.
http://www.w1hkj.com/ for FLdigi program (copies CW really well, can be used on a receiver set to listen for ARRL bulletins to get 100 points.  May have to copy the bulletin on several freqs to get it all in case of signal fade.  YMMV

Field Day bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m and all bands over 50 MHZ

Current tentative timeline of participants
(not a mandatory schedule, more of a timeline to maximize participation of those with and without radio equipment)


Set Up time: No earlier than 2pm 25 June (setting up any earlier will only give 24 hours from set up time for club fueld day participation based on AARL rules)
Set up volunteers: Cody Tveten KO4TXO, Jim Dedonis KD4VH, Lou Conklin KO4MQY

2 PM – 6 PM
Jim Dedonis KD4VH (asst. Operator, no radio)
Lou Conklin KO4MQY (coming to learn)
Cody Tveten KO4TXO (GOTA 20m)
Russell Wilson KK4MQN (as available)
Dean Lisenby KK4ZNK (as available)

6 PM – 10 PM
Donald Bryant KB4RRC 4-8 (Testing/operating)
Cody Tveten KO4TXO (GOTA 20m)

10 PM – 6 AM
Cody Tveten KO4TXO (as allowed by fire station and based on safety/weather)


6 AM – 10AM
Jim Dedonis KD4VH (80-40SSB, digital, will use any available radio)
Cody Tveten KO4TXO

10 AM – 2 PM
Cody Tveten KO4TXO (GOTA 20m)

2 PM – 8 PM /END
Bruce Turner WW4BT (HF 80-10, SSB)

Lou Conklin KO4MQY
Cody Tveten KO4TXO (GOTA 20m)
Dean Lisenby KK4ZNK (as available)

Tear down time: Sunday afternoon, no later than 8pm (will base time on club members willingness to continue operations or close down, weather also may play a factor)

Tear down volunteers: Cody Tveten KO4TXO,  Bill Mauurer KD8LCS

Roles for Field Day

* means not yet finalized roles

___ 100% Emergency power: (assume most will use this type of power, 1 point for each separate transmitter up to 20 points)
___ Media Publicity: Cody Tveten KO4TXO will reach out to a Florence news station this week
___ Set-up in Public Place: Already achieved by setting up at Fire Station Annex, confirmed final approval for location with Dustin Fails KK4NFG.
___ Information Booth: Cody Tveten KO4TXO (will be same table as GOTA station, have a canopy with table and FARC banner)
___ Message to ARRL SM/SEC: can be accomplished by those tinkering with winlink if desired
___ W1AW Field Day Message: can be accomplished by those tinkering with winlink if desired
___ NTS/ICS-213 messages handled: can be accomplished by those tinkering with winlink if desired
___ Satellite QSO completed: based on satellite link up and passover during field day
___ Natural power QSOs completed: can be accomplished based on the power methods used by operators
*___ Site Visit by invited elected official: many members may have connections
*___ Site Visit by invited served agency official: many members may have connections
*___ Educational Activity Bonus: Mentioned during meeting, but no official designee or plan
___ Youth Element achieved: Dean mentioned bringing his son, others are also invited to bring younger relatives as well (kids, grand kids, etc.)
___ GOTA Bonus: Cody Tveten KO4TXO, (20m for station & 70cm, 2m for local calls)
___ Submitted using the web app field-day.arrl.org: Cody Tveten KO4TXO will submit our points online following field day
___ Safety Officer Bonus: Cody Tveten KO4TXO
___ Social Media Bonus: Will post our event on the Field day 2022 Facebook page this week and throughout the event days


2022 ARRL Field Day


June 25
June 26
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West Florence Fire Department Annex Building
3379 Pine Needles Road
Florence, SC 29501 United States
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