We will holding a Weather Net similar to last Sunday mornings starting at 10 AM.

At that time, we will determine the frequency of updated check-ins based on conditions.   

146.850 will be monitored continuously during the duration of the storm.

SATURDAY MORNING We will have the Bojangles replacement net at 9AM …..


Each station checking in will be ask to give a weather report at our location. aka.

We have about a tenth of an inch of ice on outdoor furniture and the temperature is X (if you have a thermometer) and I located 5 miles east of Florence on Wizzer Road.

Should be fun and informative. 

If we have anything significant, we will relay it to NWS Wilmington (direct connection) and State EOC as we plan to keep the radio on until at least Saturday Night or beyond as needed.

73 Donald

Updated NWS 01/21/2022

FARC Weather Net 01212022