THIS WEEKEND and it is now time to get the hams prepared that want to participate in field day. Tommy Walker (NG4S) and I will be helping anyone who wants to work this event from home. The Coronavirus is still a major concern and with some states opening up for business; we still don’t know whether there will be a second wave of increased cases. With the age of many members, we don’t want the possibility of putting anyone at increased risk.

Field Day will be by individual participation at home or the place of each operator’s choice.

We will have the June 22nd Monday night rag-chew net and available for additional comments and information. Field day is not complicated, we just need to prepare and go for it. Looking forward to talking over the next few days and get prepared for June 27th. If you can’t make net, Tommy and Jay are still available through phone, text and email. If you chose to participate, we want you on the air for Field Day.


Tommy Walker (NG4S)
Jay Hopkins (NO8X)

ARRL Field Day information

In this document FD is used to identify ARRL rules identification index reference.

1. What modes of operations are allowed?
FD 4.2 Class A – Low power 5 watts or less, battery, no commercial or generator power
FD 4.5 Class D – home station, commercial power.
FD 4.7 Home station, Emergency Power for transmitting and receive

2. Ensure each operator has the logging program and knows how to use it.
FD 8.1-8.9 via or………
N3FJP Amateur Radio Software for Windows can be downloaded and it formats the information for you.

In filling out your Field Day Log for ARRL make sure the line Club Name you use FLORENCE AMATEUR CLUB just as written.
We will not be credited with points to our club if written differently.

3. Use of call signs and operating privileges if more than one operator.
FD 6.3 – contacts are allowed using Phone, CW and Digital. Stations can be worked once per band per mode under this rule. Must use your call sign and station be controlled by you.

4. Covering the guidelines about operating and logging contacts for point credit.
FD 7.1 – one point Phone, two points CW, two points Digital.
FD 7.2 – Power multipliers, 5 watts or less (battery) 5 points, 5 watts or less powered by motor driven generator 2 points, up to 150 watts 2 points, greater than 150 watts 1 point.

5. Assist in submitting the paperwork to the ARRL after the event has ended.

Again make sure you have the club name right s expressed in item #2

6. Answering any questions that may arise (eliminate confusion) about the event contact:

Jay Hopkins – NO8X
Tommy Walker – NG4S

ARRL Field Day 2020 (June 27-28)