Ideal for social distancing meetings/groups, drive-in service or churches.

Signstek ST-05B Dual Mode Long Range Stereo Broadcast Home FM Transmitter with Antenna Silver

  • Can be used for drive-in service. FCC certified. FCC ID: 2ASVO05B7CT200
  • Well-shielded, compact structure, small size, generous appearance, plug and play, very easy to use. Only works with electret microphone, not work with dynamic or condenser mic.
  • Equipment using advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit.
  • Control circuit board design and amplifier design to reduce noise, so sound quality is even better
  • The FM Transmitter uses the control panel buttons to control the frequency to avoid any needs to reset the FM Transmitter.


  • Voltage:12V DC
  • Frequency domain:88.1 ~ 107.9MHz
  • Frequency stability:±10PPM
  • Stepped frequency:100KHZ
  • Output impedance:50 ohm
  • Harmonic and noise radiation: 40dB
  • Frequency response:50HZ~15000HZ
FM Stereo Transmitter – Drive-in Service