Here are some photos of a Remote Automated Weather Station.

Lloyd Mitchel KO4L and I put this one together several years ago. This one is between the Marion County Jail and the Marion County Airport.

The station gathers info from a number of sensors including wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, solar radiation, and a forestry sensor to measure on ground fuel temperature and humidity. 

This station is primarily used to determine FIRE Weather and FIRE Danger but it also is useful for general observation of conditions at that site. It transmits this data once an hour in a 10 second windows (its GPS locked) to the GOES East satellite.

We moved there last year as we were on Goes West which was a challenge for 5.5 watts on 401.7 mhz to access a satellite over the Pacific Ocean with a right hand circular low gain antenna. We have no trouble now with 2.3 watts. 



Marion County Weather Station