Thanks, Everyone! that was able to attend our “1st Fox Hunt Seminar” for 2021!

Remember the first step is the hardest, and we just completed that today and I would like to thank everyone again…

We had two speakers,

Rusty George, WD4HEM of the PALS Network, discussed past fox hunts, club rules, past hunt problems, and fun. He repeatedly stressed safety for all fox hunters and the public. Rusty also gave an overview of foxhunting techniques and its history !!

Tommy Walker, NG4S, discussed his latest work with solar panels and battery storage. He gave the Florence Amateur Radio Club instructions on a homemade solar powered power pack that will continuously run a 100 watt HF Station. Tommy also talked about a 100ma panel draw, that required him to install a switch to save on power draw to batteries.

We plan to have more information available on upcoming fox hunt seminar and training.

Please check back later for future updates.


Report – FARC FoxHunt Seminar – Jan