Congratulations to the 11 New Hams who passed their exams!

Yesterday, Saturday 13, 2021

at the Western Carolina VEC testing session

Sponsored by the Florence Amateur Radio Club.

Lorraine Conklin      KO4MQY        General
Ronald Conklin        KO4MQZ        Technician
Robert Anderson     KO4LMS        General
Bradley Jeko             LO4MRA        General
Patrick Matthews      KO4MRB       General   from Coward
James McColl           KA4PVT         General          (renewal)
William Reemsnyder KO4MRC     General
John Rogers             KO4MRD       Technician from Marion
William Seddinger   KO4MRE       Technician
Terry Turner              KO4MRF       Technician from Florence
Lawrence Williams  KO4MRG       Technician  from Florence

If we missed anyone, we apologize and please let us know to update.


VE February 2021 Testing Update
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